Would you trust us?

If someone walked into your shop and asked if they could borrow your doggy for twenty minutes for a photo shoot would you let them?

We must have looked like a trustworthy bunch because that’s exactly what happened here! 😂

On the day this photo was taken, we were adventuring around the beautiful city of Bruges with our uber-talented friends Kaylee & Sam of Dog Breath Photography (pictured above). We had been exploring all the hot spots the city had to offer and taking plenty of photos of Poppy in front of them in the process, including one in front of The Rozenhoedkaai – Bruges most photographed corner.

We wandered into a cute little boutique (where Michael got himself a fancy new suit) and were perusing the beautiful garments. Suddenly, from under the rails of shirts popped an adorable furry little face!

Of course, both being dog photographers, my red-headed friend and I simultaneously squealed in delight at the surprise shiny nose twitching up towards us. I whispered that he would be perfect on the grey steps of the Provincial Court building, back in the square that we had just walked through. After mustering up the courage to put the idea to the shop owners, I walked up to them to ask. I showed them some of my work and promised to look after him as if he were my own little dog Poppy.

I was over the moon when they agreed to let us – a group of total strangers – take him out of the shop with us for a mini photo shoot in the Market Square!

Strolling out of the shop and onto the bustling street didn’t seem to phase the little fella at all, Nucci happily trotted along and followed us up the grand Neogothical steps outside the historic Provincial Court doorway, where I took his portrait. We paused at the end for a quick cuddle before taking him back to his shop.

I’m so glad I gathered the balls to make the usual request that I did, oftentimes being spontaneous and following random ideas through pays off. I hope this inspires you to do something off the cuff too!

Swipe left to see the elements that made up Nucci’s portrait