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Why Watch CatsDog?

Cat believes that all aspects of this wild ride we call life are meant to be enjoyed so she designs her content to reflect this. She draws on her last decade plus of personal and professional experiences to make viewers question and change their approach to their own personal and professional lives; Covering topics from personal branding to the power of self-belief all while making the content informative but also entertaining and motivational.

Meet the Presenter

Cat Race

The colourful one

As a world-traveling dog photographer and teacher, I have been honing my craft professionally since 2006. In 2013, I founded my own dog photography business and have been on a mission to capture epic dog portraits and spread positive influence along the way ever since. With a cheerful spirit and a passion for creativity, I love connecting with fellow photographers and igniting a spark in them that will propel them not only in their creative pursuits but in all aspects of life.


2023 | British pet photographer of the year | Overall Winner

2022 | British Photography Awards | Peoples choice award

2022 | International Photography Awards | 2nd place

2021 | British Photography Awards | Shortlisted

2020 | International Photography Awards | Honourable mention

2020 | British Photography Awards | Shortlisted

2019 | Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year | 1st Place – Mans Best Friend

2019 | Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year | 2nd Place – Oldies

2019 | British Photography Awards | Pets and Domesticated Animals runner up

2018 | British Institute of Professional Photography | Highly commended Photographer of the Year

2016 | Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year | 2nd Place – Puppies

2016 | Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year | 1st Place – Assistance Dogs

2015 | Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year | 1st Place – Puppies


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The Telegraph
The Daily Mail
The Sun
The Star
Lancashire Evening Post
Big Issue North
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Female First
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Dogs Today Magazine
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Barking Up the Right Tree: A Journey to Mastering The Art and Science of Dog Photography

Join Cat for a loud and colourful talk on capturing canine character through epic adventure. They’ll bring a unique understanding of the art and science of dog photography to the stage by giving you an uncensored look into the last decade of their lives and professional experiences.
Get ready for the motivation you’ve been looking for to help unlock your creative potential. This keynote experience is designed to empower and encourage you to push the boundaries of what’s possible in dog photography, and leave you wanting to create more.
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The Power of Self Belief - Transform photography, your business and your life!

Do you ever hear that voice in the back of your head whispering you can't do this'? I am a firm believer in shaping your mindset to propel you to success. The effects of self-belief are profound when it comes to improving your work, growing your business and making doing what you love most pay. If you have ever doubted that you measure up then you are not alone! Too many talented photographers struggle to make it work financially and squander their chance to grow because they are missing one key element - faith in themselves. You will be pleased to hear that this is within your power to develop. Join me to learn how and why you should shake up your mindset and discover how transcendently powerful simple self belief is.
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Branding your Business - how to be true to you

Your brand is so more than just a logo! You are your brand, from the way you style yourself to the language you choose. Your brand is all the ways that you or your business can be experienced and how your audience feels about you.
Throughout this workshop you will deepen your understanding of what makes a good brand by delving into some successful and unsuccessful examples with us, we’ll look at some design tips to help keep your brand consistent and turn your unique personal traits (whether you’re an introvert or extrovert!) into brand assets. We will help you to put some of the skills you’ve learned into practice throughout this workshop so that you walk away with the foundations for the strongest brand you’ve ever had!
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Illuminate Your Photos: The Magic of Mixing Artificial and Natural Light

Unleash your inner photography genius and learn how to mix natural and artificial light like a pro! This talk is your guide to transforming your dog photography with a creative blend of light. Discover the benefits of using different kinds of light to shape your work, add dynamic elements to your photos and become a more versatile photographer. Cat and Michael will share their experiences using different techniques and show you how to light up your dog photography like never before!
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Giving animals a voice through photography

As a photographer you have a talent that most other people don’t. You can tap into your unique ability portray animals in a way that helps others connect with them. By using your photography skills to give outsiders a window into an animals life you can give that animal a voice, a chance to be noticed and the chance at a better life. In this presentation Cat and Michael will share some examples of their own experiences using photography to help animals and dive into the unexpected benefits that organically arise from using your photography in this way.
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