I’ve been meaning to create some colourful photos of dogs using gels or RGB lights for quite some time now, but never got around to actioning it; until recently.  Not long ago PixaPro reached out and offered us the pick of their store. ✨

Obvs I had to go with their RGB Rainbow tubes. Watch this video below to see how it went and learn how to create an other-worldly look for yourself with different colour combinations.

Even if you’re not a photographer yourself, I am confident you will be left smiling, and not only because of the colourful fluffy pups! 👇🏻

One of the bonuses of these lights is that they are super affordable, so you can attain that colourful look even on a small budget. I used my Sony A7riv with a 12-24mm 2.8 lens for these portraits, but you can get great results with these lights using just an iPhone camera or something similar and following our techniques.

Special thanks to David Baker for helping us with the filming of this video. We appreciate you!

Thanks also to our models Luna and Kiki for participating in this project.


1x 90cm & 2x 120cm Rainbow Series 320-degree RGB LED Light Tube

Collapsible Background


Full transparency – we have an affiliate link with PixaPro, which means if you use the links above we will get a small commission from your purchase. Use the code CATSDOG at checkout and you can get 5% off full-price items too!