Est. 2021

The Scarf Project

About the project

Through this series of images, we aim to capture the ephemeral beauty and complex emotions that accompany a relationship with an animal, particularly a dog. The vibrant colours of the scarves are symbolic of the joy and happiness that dogs often bring into our lives. Similar to the fabric billowing in the wind, our time with our pets is unpredictable and full of surprises. Although each photograph already represents a mere moment in time, the way the fabric is frozen highlights the significance of that moment, symbolising how preciously fleeting it is.

In the video below we launch the project into the world by presenting to you the bulk of work created in its first 18 months of development.

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Find out exactly how our Scarf Portraits were first conceived and how the project developed over the next 18 months in this video.

1st place

The British Photography Awards


Good Boy Ollie models for the Scarf Project