Model Call

The Scarf Project is back!

You may have already seen on socials over the course of the last couple of years behind the scenes of our Scarf Project unfolding. The project, which began in 2021, entails placing colourful scarves behind, in front of and around willing dogs’ necks and photographing them trailing out in the wind, in a representation of the joy and happiness that dogs bring to so many of our lives. The project has recently been unveiled on our YouTube channel and now continues as we search for new models to take part.

The only prerequisites are that your dog understands a stay command and will be comfortable with material being thrown close to them and flapping in the wind behind them. All shapes and sizes are welcome.

If your dog is selected we are going to gift you a full classic session AND a web-ready version of the photo that I select for the project as a thank-you for taking part. Wahoo! 🤩

Fill in your details below and don’t forget to attach a photo of your furry hero. Some applicants have had issues uploading photos (we blame the internet pixies). If this happens to you, please fill in the rest of the form and email the photo to us separately to

Once you are done look out for a call from Terri on 01772 920211 should your dog be selected for the project.

After the session, you will get a private virtual Design Appointment live from our studio, where we will design heirloom quality artwork tailored to your home as a permanent celebration of your pooch.


Fill in your details in the form below and add our number (01772 920211) so if Terri calls to say that you have been selected you won’t miss it!👇

** If you don’t see a thank you page after submitting your application please let us know in case there is an issue with your submission **

Should your dog get selected to be a part of this project then they will be in good company. Social media star Good Boy Ollie modeled for our Scarf Project recently too! Here’s how it went down…. 👇

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