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We will turn your images into beautiful pieces of wall art for you! After the session we will polish up your portraits. They will be presented to you at a private viewing in our studio while you enjoy a hot drink and some chocolates (yum!) Wall art is the finishing touch in any home, usually featuring unknown subjects, but just imagine that furry bundle you love so much being the star of your very own personalised piece of art! Our frames are among the finest in the industry, ranging from timeless traditional frames to sleek contemporary designs. At your viewing we will help you find the right style, colour and design to perfectly fit your home whatever your décor. From striking single impact frames with that one image that sings to you, making your heart flutter, to collections containing lots of images, we will tailor the deign to your living space, no matter how big or small it may be.

We use specially selected pigment inks to emphasise the vibrant colours captured in our work, making your images really pop. Your artwork will be expertly printed onto high quality satin photo paper, which has archival properties of over 200 years, so your artwork will be as bright and colourful as the day it arrives for generations to come. We promise the wall art you choose will make you smile over and over again!

You are welcome to bring along photographs of your walls to help us make the perfect match. Most of our clients invest at least £500 on wall art pieces and find that planning their design preferences ahead of their viewing really helps them make the most of their appointment. Our experts will always be on hand at the viewing to help you create something special but the more you think about the possibilities beforehand the smoother your viewing process will be. Choosing the final wall art pieces is the majority of our client’s favourite part – though that could be something to do with the home made chocolates!

Download the design guide here to see which of our options take your fancy.

For the majority of sessions we do the dogs are kept on a lead – we simply remove the lead in photoshop afterwards. If your dog usually wears a harness, please also bring a collar and fixed lead, as we can photoshop a lead out of the images afterwards, whereas harness’ are not usually possible to remove.

Even if your dog is a wiggle bum with little regard for sit & stay commands, we have plenty of tricks to coax them into position and then grab their attention. They only need to be in position for a split second for us to get the perfect shot!

Our sessions take place in locations with spectacular surroundings, such as woodlands, fells, parks and beaches. We also shoot in dynamic city centres or beautiful villages for the ultra modern urban look. Our session vouchers already include 30 miles of our teams travel to your chosen location. We can suggest tried and tested spots in the area that help to produce a varied set of images. If you live further a field and would like us to travel to you, ask us about our Luxury Sessions.

Our sessions are crafted to make your pooch appear as a seasoned pro at modelling, though in reality it’s usually organised chaos behind the scenes! You can get involved in the session by holding your dog on their lead or wafting a treat above the camera. You might even get chance to play second assistant for the day by holding our light for a couple of shots!

All of them! Many dog photographers will charge extra per dog but we actively encourage that you to bring your whole pack at no extra cost because we believe dogos are an important part of the family. Our biggest shoot to date consisted of 30 dogs (!!) but we regularly do groups of 10 and above. Even if it takes some Photoshop trickery to get the group shot, rest assured, we will capture it for you.

Absolutely! Photographing a black dog is all about understanding the available light you are working with and lighting the shot accordingly. We have every confidence we can get the best out of your pooch whatever their colouring.  Just take a look at the black dogs that we have in the ‘Our Work’ section of the website.

Classic sessions are purely dog-centric, but if you have booked a luxury session then sure! Dogs are a big part of the family and you are the most important part of your dog’s life, so it only makes sense that you or your family get to be in some of the pictures if you wish. Make sure you’re wearing clothes that you like or perhaps even coordinate your outfits for the photos.

After the shoot we take the images away and polish them up to produce a slideshow of the very best shots from your session. These images you see will be 80% of the way there – an extra touch of magic is added afterwards for all those going to print.

You will be invited to our cosy studio in Preston where you get to chill out on our comfy sofa and watch a slide show of your images.  We’ll share a hot drink and some choccies while t he show evokes those memories created at your session. During your viewing, we will go through all the wall art options available and design a piece that best suits your needs.

Once you have a voucher, which you can purchase from our shop, all you need to do is call the studio on 01772 920211. We will need to know a little bit about you and your dog. The more information you can give us, the more we can tailor the shoot for you. It’s a good idea to measure up wall space and have a look through our portfolio or our  Facebook page so that you have a good idea of what you want out of your CatsDog session.

Our fabulous classic sessions are £295, which covers an hours adventure at a location of your choice and covers the first 30 miles of our travel from the CatsDog studio in Preston.

Your voucher also includes £100 credit towards our wide range of wall art, which starts at £325.

Head over to our shop and snag your session voucher now!

  1. It’s a good idea to measure up wall space and have a look through our portfolio, our Instagram or Facebook page so that you have a good idea of what kind of images you want out of your shoot. Feed this back to us and we’ll tailor your session to create the images you love most!
  2. You will be involved in setting up the shots to the best of your physically ability – usually by holding your dog on their lead while we craft the shot, so arranging for a family member or friend to come with you might be helpful.
  3. You, your friends and family may want to be in some of the pictures so make sure you’re wearing clothes that you like or perhaps even coordinate your outfits (but still dress appropriately for the weather!)
  4. You may be tempted to tire your dog out before the shoot. If you do exercise them before the session make it a few hours before the start time rather than right before the session so they have time to regain that energy that makes them so special to you!
  5. Bring a selection of toys, treats or accessories that will help to get your dog’s attention and make your pictures unique. You could even give your dog a small breakfast so those treats look extra appetising!
  6. If your dog usually wears a harness, bring a collar and fixed lead as well so that we can easily edit out the lead from the final images if we need to.

Yes! Click ‘Ask The Team‘ above and drop us a line for a bespoke quote.

We can shoot in all sorts of weather conditions so our best advice is to come prepared for all eventualities. If it’s wet, you may want to bring an umbrella, wellies or even a towel for your dog and if it’s hot, make sure you bring water and perhaps a wet towel to cool your dog off. Every season and weather condition adds a different dynamic to your shoot making it a truly unique experience. In severe cases, we can move the session date but as the weather is so unpredictable, we advise waiting an hour before the shoot to see what the weathers like before rearranging.

To rearrange a booking, just call our studio on 01772 920211. Card details are taken on making your booking to secure the session and we only charge £25 if you cancel or rearrange your agreed slot outside of our 5 day cancelation policy. Those Charges can be credited as redeemable on products so don’t worry if an emergency occurs..

All our wall-art options are of leading industry quality from the print itself to the frame it is held in. Our clients can usually expect to invest at least £500 to come away with the product design they love most. All orders are bespoke and designed when you come to view your images – an experience our clients tell us they have much fun with!